Banu Productions & Events organized one of kind; Najva Concert in September 2016 at MusicHall, Dubai, UAE.

Event: Najva Concert, Live, Dubai, UAE
Hamed Nikpay featuring Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam & Karine Gonzales
Under the Musical Direction of Farzin Farhadi
Date: Wednesday 21st September 2016
Venue: Music Hall – Zabeel Saray Hotel, Palm Jumeirah
Organizer: Banu Productions & Events LLC
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The Concert
Behind The scenes
BBC Persian Interview
Hamed Nikpay

Hamed Nikpay is a Persian Vocalist, Multi-instrumentalist and song writer. Hamed was born in October of 1977 in Tehran. His family was attracted to Persian music and poetry which was his very first motivation to start his art career at the age of 7. At the age of 20, he was able to play difficult Persian stringed instruments such as Taar, Setaar, Tanboor, Ood and Daf. He also writes his own songs.

Hamed currently is a judge in a famous show called “Stage” from “Man-o-To” channel which is one of the most popular Persian TV channels. “Stage” is a program to discover the talent of new potential singers.

Farzin Farhadi

Music of Hamed Nikpay is produced and directed by world class composer / saxophonist Farzin Farhadi. Powerful ballads are artfully transitioned from classical Persian melody to Flamenco. Sufi sounds are mystically fused with jazz. Poetry of Hafez is masterly set to the Argentinean Tango, and the commanding orchestral harmonization of String Quartet is laced with soulful vocals of Hamed Nikpay. Farzin Farhadi ‘s six piece ensemble with Hamed Nikpay on vocals will take the listeners through a journey of sounds and colours, transcending styles and genres. A quintessential and groundbreaking world of music, Persian fusion collection.

Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam

Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam is an Iranian modern dancer trained who lives and works in Paris. He is choreographer, actor and director and he is the first Iranian to be part of the prestigious Comédie-Française troupe.Shahrokh graduated from the University of Paris with a degree in History of Art and Theatre. Shahrokh joined Theatre du Soleil in 1991. He continued working with great directors and in a short period of time he became one of the most famous role players of this time.Shahrokh established the Nakissa Dance company and he expanded his professional career by working on historical Persian stories such as “A Persian Night’s Dream”, “The Seven Pavilions of Love” (Haft Peykar), “Omar Khayam”, etc.

Karine Gonzales

Karine Gonzales is a flamenco dancer and is the major dancer of Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam company. Fusing the influences of disciplined dances such as tango, flamenco and Iranian in their choreographies performance, the dramatic motions of the two performers Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam and Karine Gonzales convey all the regal dignity of the epic stories and motions they can relate to.

Pomegranate Celebration
“Jashn Anar”
In the Persian calendar, the 21st of September is the last day of summer. In ancient Persian culture, people celebrated this day as “Jashn Anar” (Pomegranate Celebration) in specific cities and villages.

In gatherings, people would play traditional instruments such as “Darieh”, “Sorna” and “Dohol”, and dance while collecting pomegranates from the trees. This was the first date of the year where such activities were allowed.
Banu would like to bring back all the forgotten ancient celebrations by arranging cultural events on the corresponding dates in order to encourage more attention to the historical principles and roots.
MusicHall is located in Zabeel Saray in Palm Jumeira, Dubai. Music Hall comes originally from Beirut. It has been funded since 2003 by Michel Elefteriades a Greek-Lebanese politician, artist, producer and businessman.