Feathers of Fire
A Production of Fictionville Studio and Banu Productions

Banu Productions and Events LLC is thrilled to partner with Hamid Rahmanian, a visual artist and 2014 Guggenheim Fellow with Shadow Light Productions to present the largest shadow puppet play ever to be performed — FEATHERS OF FIRE, a breathtaking, cinemascope-sized shadow play unfolds and action-packed magical tale of star-crossed lovers based on the 10th century classic Persian epic, ‘Shahnameh’ (The Book of Kings)

Zaul and Rudabeh, who triumph at the end against all odds. Rahmanian’s graphics, derived from the visual tradition of the region, will be rendered as puppets, costumes, masks, scenography and digital animation, all of which will come to life in a “live animation” shadow casting technique perfected by shadow master Larry Reed on a cinema-size screen. The play also features an original score by the acclaimed musical team, Loga Ramin Torkian & Azam Ali.

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“One of the great epics of all time and my favorite ‘Shahnameh’ brought to life in a spectacular fashion by Hamid Rahmanian with shadow puppets design and cinematic wizardry”

Francis Ford Coppola

We are currently looking for a venue for this spectacular play.  Please contact us for more information and technical requirements. We would greatly appreciate receiving a quotation and information on availability for fall 2017 or 2018 winter

The show started its international tour on January 16th 2016,  to a sold out audience at:

–        Cowell Theater, San Francisco
–        Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM)
–        Fitzgerald Theatre at Harvard University
–        Metropolitan Museum of Art
–        Freud Playhouse UCLA
The shows 2017 schedule:
–       Chicago (January 2017)
–       Poland (Feb 2017)
–       Toronto (March 2017)
–       Taiwan (April 2017)
–       Los Angles (September 2017 two weeks)

Currently, we are scheduling international tours for Fall 2017 and 2018.

Outreach & Educational Director for ShadowLight Productions: Andrea Rodriguez Chamberlin


Conceived, Designed and Directed by Hamid Rahmanian
In Collaboration with Larry Reed and ShadowLight Productions
Original Music by Loga Ramin Torkian and Azam Ali

Produced by Fictionville Studio and Banu Productions

Written by Hamid Rahmanian Co-writer: Vikas Menon
Based on the book, Shahnameh: The Epic of the Persian Kings
Storyboards & Concept Development by Syd Fini
Puppets handcrafted by Neda Kazemifar and Spica Wobbe
Digital Media Directed and Orchestrated by Mohammad Talani
Assistant Director: Fred C. Riley III

Performed by Aureen Almario, Ya Wen Chien, Caryl Kientz, Rose Nisker, Fred C. Riley III, Lorna Velasco, and Dina Zarif

Musicians and Vocals: Loga Ramin Torkian, Azam Ali, Sinan Cem Eroglu, Habib Meftah Boushehri, Omer Avci and Iman Ali Torkian

Costumes made by Dina Zarif
Technical Research and Consultations: Stephen Clifford, I Made Moja and Tyler Gothier
Puppet, Mask, Scenery, Costume Construction: I Made Moja, Marcius Noceda, Aureen Almario, Ya Wen Chien, Sara Gambina-Belknap, Caryl Kientz, Rose Nisker, Djuna Odegard, Fred C. Riley III, Mohammad Talani, Lorna Velasco, Dina Zarif, and Aaron Shores
Laser Cut: Sara Pisheh Design and Amir Esfahani
Sound Design: Robert Cazin
Sound Engineer: Tyler Gothier
Additional Animation: Motion Light and FlickerLab/Harold Moss
Voice Overs: Jessica Lynn Carroll, Jeri Lynn Cohen, Lisa Hori-Garcia, Stephanie Hunt, Rose Nisker, Larry Reed, Fred C. Riley III, Nancy Shelby, Ryan Tasker, Charlie Varon, Hamid Rahmanian, Aureen Almario, Lorna Velasco, and Dina Zarif
Voice Over Casting: Jeri Lynn Cohen
Voiceover Recording: Soundtank/Tom Lattanand, Mohammad Talani
Publicity: Shuka Kalantari, The Neda Nobari Foundation & ShadowLight Productions

Head of Productions at Banu Productions; Nasim Yazdani
Producers: Hamid Rahmanian, Melissa Hibbard and Nasim Yazdani
Co Producer: Ahmad Kiarostami
Managing Director for ShadowLight Productions:  Sachiko Willis
Outreach & Educational Director for ShadowLight Productions: Andrea Rodriguez Chamberlin