Banu Events promotes, engages and fosters cross-cultural dialogue and inspiration to showcase the ethnic diversity within region by supporting and creating different programs. Banu also promotes region art, culture and heritage and reinforces and celebrates region ancient festivals.

“A work of art is the trace of a magnificent struggle”
max amini in Dubai
Max Amini Live Show in Dubai

International sensation world touring comedian, actor and host Max Amini returned to Dubai for highly anticipated performance at the Madinat Theatre on 4th of January 2019.

Through an array of eccentric impressions and novel storytelling, Max’s comedy delivered a strong message about family ties, cultural divergences and social topics. The shows were sold out.

From a Persian heritage, he has over 50 films and television credits as an actor including NBC’s Heroes and Comedy Central’s Mind of Mencia. What really sets him apart is his uncanny ability to improvise on the spot. This makes him such a unique entertainer that it’s not uncommon for the audience members to sit through two Max Amini shows in one night and experience two completely different performances.

max amini in Dubai

Banu is always looking for an innovative way to promote women’s empowerment and to introduce Iranian Art and heritage to non-Farsi speakers. Our latest project “Rendezvous” focuses on women empowerment. The first Rendezvous series was organized on Saturday 8th of Dec. 2018. The program featured two upstanding women speakers from two different walks of life, sharing life stories, experience, challenges, knowledge and insight on how to make difference in their own and others lives, excel in one’s career, pursue and reach dreams. These events will be organized bi-monthly courses to motivate women of all ages to overcome restrictions, to inspire professional and personal growth and also to enlighten the men about women issues and concerns.

Najvay Yalda

A memorable night of nostalgic music, dance and poetry with the soulful voice of Faramarz Aslani, the heart-warming fusion songs of Mamak Khadem, under the musical direction of Farzin Farhadi and his band, the magical dance of Helia Bandeh and our special host Sina Valiollah

Feathers of Fire

We are thrilled to present FEATHERS OF FIRE, a breathtaking cinemascope-size shadow play based on the action-packed magical tale of Zaul and Rudabeh, star-crossed lovers, who triumph against all odds then give birth to the most important mythological hero of Shahnameh

Najva Concert

Banu Events Proudly Presents : Najva Concert, Hamed Nikpay Featuring Shahrokh Moshkin Ghalam & Karine Gonzalez under the Musical Direction of Farzin Farhadi.


Ghasedak (Dandelion – messenger of good wishes) are a series of documentaries with celebrities. These interviews are an informal way of getting to know these gifted individuals and their achievements.

The goal of these interviews are to know these worthy people’s opinions and to hear their most personal insights; through these programs, Banu reveals the reality of these hidden gems.

Cultural Festivals

“I am deathless, I am the eternal lord, for I have spread the seed of the word”
“ Ferdowsi”

Banu Productions & Events intend to show a side of the region’s history not easily accessible. Our professional team pays attention to the finest details of historical, cultural, traditional points and purpose of the shows.